Barbara Allan
Antiques Fire Sale

Antiques Fire Sale
Trash ’n’ Treasures #14
First Published April 28, 2020

The award-winning, laugh-out-loud adventures of antiques dealers Brandy Borne and her drama-queen mom Vivian have made Trash ’n’ Treasures “one of the funniest cozy series going” (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine). In the latest installment, after flames consume a historic mansion full of priceless treasures, along with its occupant, the question arises: who charred the corpse? Brandy and Vivian are on the case in their fourteenth Trash ’n’ Treasures Mystery!

That local theater diva of a certain age, Vivian Borne—a.k.a. Brandy’s mother—is sheriff of Serenity County now, but still hot on the trail of precious antiques. On a tour of the historic Wentworth Mansion, the two dedicated dealers are aglow at the treasure trove of priceless objects...never dreaming everything will turn to ashes, hours later.

A charred corpse in the ruins is identified as the mansion’s caretaker, a one-time flame of Vivian’s. But Tony Cassato—Brandy's beau and Serenity’s Chief of Police—throws cold water on Sheriff Vivian's suspicions of murder. Then Brandy spots a certain familiar item for sale on the internet, and Mother suspects the fire was just a smoke screen.

When their doggie detective, Sushi the Shih Tzu, sniffs out a second body in the woods, Mother and Brandy turn up the heat on a homicidal torcher. Because any killer who takes on the Borne girls is playing with fire.

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Antiques Fire Sale, Hardcover
Release Date: April 28, 2020
ISBN 13: 9781496711434
ISBN 10: 1496711432
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 240

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Antiques Fire Sale, E-Book
Release Date: April 28, 2020
ISBN 13: 9781496711458
Publisher: Kensington

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Antiques Fire Sale, Digital Audiobook
Release Date: April 28, 2020
ISBN 13: 9781980075233
Publisher: Recorded Books

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Antiques Fire Sale, Mass Market Paperback
Release Date: May 25, 2021
ISBN 13: 9781496711441
ISBN 10: 1496711440
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 304